Global Financial Institution needing to adopt a customer-centric Go To Market (GTM) approach


MARCH, 2019

Consulting case: Go-To-Market


Global player in finance industry needed to adapt to changing market conditions in order to accelerate growth.
– Need to increase time-to-market for new value-added offerings
– New fintech players entering the market resulting in a highly competitive environment


Helped the product marketing and strategy teams to adopt a new GTM model.

– Harmonized internal best practices and infused industry examples into GTM model.

– Trained and coached all marketing and sales teams on new approach.

– Accelerated adoption plan through piloting, handholding and 1:1 coaching


– Reduced time-to-market for new product lines – better aligned value propositions and USP’s

– Stronger aligned sales and marketing motion

– Higher win rate and adoption cycles


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