Helping media company evolve from adhoc projects to more product driven


Consulting case: Go-to-market strategy


A global leading B2B providers in digital entertainment undergoing significant business transformation evolving from project to a more product driven organization.


We prepared and facilitated work sessions with global country managers, sales team, product development and executive team on Go-to-Market strategy.
We helped participants understand the principles of “Where best to play”, and “How best to win” – the activation of the go to Go-to-Market strategy, to sell more products


Created a common language and understanding on our Go-to-Market strategy principles:

  • Validation on the vision & ambition. Alignment on the go-to-market strategy building blocks
  • Clarity on ‘what’ we sell, to ‘whom’ and through ‘whom’
  • Defined commercial tactics that will help fill the sales funnel on available product(s)
  • Roadmap to guide the change process and cascade of the Go-to-Market strategy throughout the organization


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