How do C-level executives make decisions

From a two-year study of nearly seventeen hundred executives in over 100 companies, CSO Insights found that there is a huge gap in the way information is presented to executives and the way executives like to receive information. The research shows that communication is most effective at the executive level when tailored to one of five decision-making styles. Every executive possesses aspects from each decision style, however one style remains dominant and that is his/her “default” style when making complex decisions. There are identifiable key characteristics and behaviors for each style and the key to success is to present information to each style adequately choosing the right words in combination with the most effective selection of information. Tailoring the presentation of information to meet an executive’s style of processing information can significantly increase a person’s effectiveness in securing approval from high-level decision makers – whether this is in external or internal influencing processes. Influencers leverage effectiveness by four distinct categories:
  • understanding each executive’s needs and hot buttons
  • identifying decision behaviors and styles for each executive
  • summarize understanding of key issues and objectives
  • develop and deliver presentations for maximum impact with multiple styles
Who would not be interested in having more knowledge on how to be more influential in this segment – more effective in reading people?

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