5 ways inbound marketing can improve your sales and marketing performance

Fran Billen

Fran Billen
Digital Marketing Consultant

Times have changed drastically. People don’t pay attention to the general, meaningless content outbound marketing strategies are generating. If you want to be noticed, you should provide your prospects with relevant content. And that’s exactly where inbound marketing contributes. Because of its focus on prospects’ needs, inbound marketing helps to improve sales and marketing performances.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound is a marketing method that focusses on attracting, engaging, and delighting people, rather than pushing forward a product, a service, or a brand. This three-step methodology helps to increase reach, attract qualified traffic, and drive engagement and conversions. By sharing the right content to the right audiences in the right places, companies who use an inbound marketing strategy will be able to better market and sell their products or services and to serve their customers better. The idea is to put the customer first by providing them with content they are truly interested in.

5 ways inbound marketing can improve your sales and marketing performance

Why is inbound marketing becoming increasingly popular? How can your business benefit from developing an inbound marketing strategy?

  1. Streamlined Sales and marketing

Inbound marketing will align the sales and marketing department. When building an inbound marketing strategy, the marketing and sales department align common goals and communication tactics. These are defined in a Service Level Agreement (SLP), a two-way written agreement that encourages working together towards the same goals. This creates a mutual understanding of how marketing will deliver leads so that both teams agree on the same plan.

  1. Insight in your target audience and market

Inbound marketing makes your marketing and sales department more intelligent. When using an inbound marketing strategy, you will automatically get involved in your prospect’s lives and their customer journey. That way, you’ll have a greater chance of engaging them.

  1. More qualified leads

Once you’ve gained insight into your prospects and you’ve created content for each stage of the buying circle, you will find that you will generate more leads. When creating content with your target audience in mind, you’ll bring visitors with a certain interest in your products or services to your website. Once they arrived there, you’re ready to convert them with landing pages and call-to-actions.

  1. Long-term relationship

An inbound marketing strategy will sustainably generate sustainable leads. It’s not just a short-term marketing tactic; in fact, it’s an entire marketing ecosystem. Due to its strong focus on customer-relevant content, you are building a one-to-one relationship with a lasting impact on your clients.

  1. Productivity: get more done in less time

Since inbound marketing produces higher quality leads that are more likely to convert, you’ll easily see your sales results grow with greater efficiency. Because you’re targeting consumers who are already interested in your products or services, sales will spend less time trying to sell to leads who will never buy. That way, inbound marketing will help to save time and reduce expenses.

Inbound marketing benefits your organization in many ways. By streamlining both the sales and marketing department, you’ll generate more qualified leads. Moreover, it’s a highly productive approach that helps to gain insights into your prospects and their buyer journey. When integrating an inbound marketing strategy, you’ll build meaningful, long-term relationships with your most valuable prospects. So, if you didn’t develop an inbound marketing strategy yet, it’s about time to do it.

Eager to know more about it?

Learn how to implement an effective inbound marketing strategy and build campaigns. We will also give tactics on how to align the commercial processes with inbound marketing.

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