Successful look back to our first virtual event during the COVID – period

wim van winghe

On Monday, Minds&More hosted its usual “Content Café”: an internal event dedicated to our professionals (freelances, digital marketing team and management consultants). Those events are created to improve our network’s skills and to keep them updated with the latest sales & marketing trends. In that way, we ensure they are fully ready and qualified to answer our clients ‘needs.

Seen the circumstances, we had to make this event virtually, and we would like to share with you our experience and recommendations.


Wim Van Winghe, a partner at Minds&More and organizer of the Content Cafés, answers to all our questions.

The Content Café happened for the first time online. Why did you decide to organize virtual events?

“Well obviously since an office event was no option, we only had three options: cancelling, postponing or an online event. In times like these, we all feel the need to connect to the community, so the choice was easy.”

Which tool did you use? Have you tried different tools before making your decision?

“We used Zoom, and that worked really well. As a presenter and moderator, I find it essential to see the video streams of the participants (those who decide to enable the camera) and have a good overview of the chatbox.”

How did the attendees react?

Actually very well. We had over 35 participants (more than the usual participation at live Content Cafés), with great interaction and conversations. Given the late evening hour, and to stay true to the concept (😊), most attendees had a glass of wine or beer while enjoying the session.

Virtual events can easily lose one of the best benefits of live events: human connection. How did you manage it?

“No handshakes or hugs, that’s a fact. But before and after the presentation, people really connected to each other. During the session, there was a good level of energy and comments from the majority of the attendees.”

What are the do’s and don’ts to make it successful?

“Do try to make it a personal experience – welcome people individually to the session, make them feel welcome and call out their name when they comment or ask questions. Invite them to voice their opinion or thoughts. As a moderator or presenter, ask questions. When people feel comfortable, stimulate them to enable the video stream. Don’t make it too long: 1 hour seems about right, eventually with some extra time for Q&A and discussion.”

Would you like to share some inspiring takeaways?

“The Minds&More community values a strong connection and a feeling of belonging. When meeting online or offline, the community members are eager to re-connect, share ideas and experiences. Today’s technology enables us to maintain and nurture that connection in a very efficient way. When times go back to normal, we see ourselves connecting online and in real life, depending on the occasion. With or without a good glass of wine…”

Download the webinar on “GDPR & Inbound Marketing”

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