How to create social media content strategy based on your flywheel stages

Coralie Gak

Coralie Gak

09 May 2019

Using the right type of content during each phase of the flywheel (Attract, Convert, and Delight) is very important to stay relevant and be sure to catch your audience.
Your conversions depend on how well you are providing the right content at the right moment. That’s the theory. But you might feel a bit lost when it comes to apply it in real… You have to decide what strategy you are going for. Are you using LinkedIn with sponsored updates? Or only retargeting with Google ads? Are you going to combine them or use all social medias? Therefore, we would like to help you to understand the tactics you can use from the beginning to the end of your flyhweel journey.

This article will be the first of a serie of 3. Here, we will be focused on the first step of the flywheel, the Attract phase. We will explain you how to manage social medias in terms of content and social media strategy.

Your content and tactics in the awareness stage

When you are in the awareness step, your main goal is trying to attract and reach your consumer with content that really resonate to his situation. Maybe he is not yet aware that he has a problem… But then, it’s your role to know the different pain points which could reveal something in his mind and make him say “outch it hurts”! This is also the first step of the inbound methodology.

How to manage social media in that stage?

  1. Choose the right ONE

2. Create your content calendar

Yes, you need a clear view on what you’ll post to find the good balance between your different type of content. Corporate VS curated… More than that, you need a content calendar to find the good frequency. Stay top of mind without harassing people. You can use some tools to visualize, for example Trello.

3. Share educational content​

This content, you can share it thanks to creative formats like carousel, Instagram Story, Instagram Mozaïk, or videos!

4. Use ads with a focus on reach and frequency

Organic reach is not an option anymore…unless if you want to avoid being seen. But when you look at your social media campaigns, there are some important metrics to track. See below an overview:

When you succeeded to catch the attention of your prospects/consumers, you can continue to feed them with relevant content. Then you’ll also adapt your social media strategy and creative assets. Stay tuned, we’ll come back soon with our next article about “How to engage and convert thanks to social media”

Talk to an expert

Do you need help to define or improve your digital strategy? Would you like an expert in your team to guide you through the process and the performances? We have what you need!

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