Inbound Marketing Strategies & Campaigns

    At Minds&More, we believe in Inbound Marketing to generate more leads. B2B or B2C company, your inbound marketing strategy has to be solid! At Minds&More, we help you through resources, trainings and advice on specific tools, tactics or campaign.

    Are you facing one of those Inbound Marketing issues?

    Need to generate more sales leads

    • Our content is today not connecting enough
    • We are not engaging enough with our website visitors
    • Not getting the volume of qualified leads

    Need help on Inbound Marketing

    • Help us select an inbound solution
    • Need local support to implement Hubspot
    • Seek assistance on digital marketing campaigns

    Need training and support on how to use HubSpot effectively

    • Need to train our team on how to use inbound marketing tools
    • Teach us to be more effective in the way we work
    • Help to onboard new members of our team

    Our website is outdated

    • Develop new website
    • Put in place content management system (CMS)
    • Improve our search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Get more traffic to our website

    Our paid advertisement (SEA) is under performing

    • Help to put in place search engine advertising (SEA)
    • Our SEA is not meeting our goals today
    • How to use SEA to get more website traffic and leads?

    Need an Inbound Marketing strategy and plan

    • Need a plan to find and effectively engage with prospects
    • Which tactics to effectively progress sales leads?

    Our solutions

    We provide you an interim for your (digital) marketing and communication projects

    Interim management


    Short-term support of a digital marketer to:

    • implement effective inbound marketing strategies & campaigns

    • define content assets

    • optimize your website

    Our consultants work to improve and grow your business



    • Support the change management and the evolution of the organization

    • Tips & Advice on your inbound marketing strategy

    Training and seminars experts for your company

    Training & Seminars


    • Train your marketing team on how to use the tools and tactics

    • Workshops to align the commercial processes with inbound marketing


    Minds&More is a proud partner of HubSpot; famous marketing, sales, and service software that helps your business grow. We help you implement and use efficiently this marketing automation tool.


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