Inbound Marketing Strategies & Campaigns

    At Minds&More, we believe in Inbound Marketing to generate more leads. B2B or B2C company, your inbound marketing strategy has to be solid! At Minds&More, we help you through resources, trainings and advice on specific tools, tactics or campaign. We are also a Platinum partner of HubSpot.

    Are you facing one of these Inbound Marketing issues?

    Need to generate more sales leads

    • Our content is today not connecting enough
    • We are not engaging enough with our website visitors
    • Not getting the volume of qualified leads

    Need help on Inbound Marketing

    • Help us select an inbound solution and digital platform
    • Need local support to implement Hubspot
    • Seek assistance on digital marketing campaigns

    Need training and support on how to use HubSpot effectively

    • Need to train our team on using inbound marketing tools
    • Teach us to be more effective in the way we work
    • Help to onboard new members of our team

    Our website is outdated

    • Develop new website or need to connect Apps
    • Put in place content management system (CMS)
    • Improve our search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Get more traffic to our website

    Our paid advertisement (SEA) is under performing

    • Help to put in place search engine advertising (SEA)
    • Our SEA is not meeting our goals today
    • How to use SEA to get more website traffic and leads?

    Need an Inbound Marketing strategy and plan

    • Need a plan to find and effectively engage with prospects
    • Which tactics to effectively progress sales leads?
    • Require help to improve your workflow and automation

    Our solutions


    Minds&More is a proud platinum partner of HubSpot; the leading digital platform in marketing, sales, and service that helps businesses to attract customers, engage and get sales. We help you implement HubSpot and use efficiently this marketing automation tool.


    We provide you an interim for your (digital) marketing and communication projects

    Interim management in inbound marketing


    Short-term support of a digital marketer to:

    • Implement effective inbound marketing tactics

    • Define content assets and engage with buyers

    • Optimize your website, call to actions, social media

    Our consultants work to improve and grow your business

    Consulting in inbound marketing


    • Help organization to evolve to using inbound marketing

    • Develop customers personas and buyer journey

    • Align marketing and sales teams on inbound approach

    • Adapt marketing, sales processes and workflow

    Training and seminars experts for your company

    Training in Inbound Marketing


    • Train your marketing team to use inbound tools 

    • HubSpot training on lead generation tactics

    • Workshop to align the commercial processes 

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