Interim Management

Are you temporarily without one of your key resources? Do you need extra capacity for a while? Our seasoned professionals are available to help address the challenges of your day-to-day business.   

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Interim management: expert resources whenever you need!

We offer flexible interim management solution. Our qualified associates can fill or strengthen your team on a part-time or full-time basis. Need a specialist in case of a missing resource or expertise in your organization? We can help you in several roles:

Find the perfect interim manager 

Best pool of resources: All Associates of our network are business savvy, have a deep expertise and a broadexperience, combine conceptual thinking with hands-on execution and have a proven track record in project and interim management.

The right person for the job: We discuss every available position with our shortlisted Associates to make sure we are convinced of their fit for the specifics of the interim management role. 

Fast impact in flexible ways: Our Associates can start on a short notice and quickly assimilating the requirements of the role. Their work schedules can be adapted throughout the staffing period.

Reliable backing for our clients & resources: Our Relationship Manager supports you throughout the entire interim management process: from initial Associate interviews, during periodic status reviews or as an extra sounding board.

Once you contact us,  one of our Relationship Managers – an expert in marketing, sales or transformation – will carefully review your request with you to understand the context and particularities of the challenge.

The Relationship Manager will draft a proposal which will be reviewed in a face-to-face meeting to make sure the approach can be fine-tuned and optimised. At this point we also discuss the nature of the collaborations: day-fee, fixed budget or even result-based fee.

When accepted, a ‘kick off’ meeting will be planned to inform all related and concerned stakeholders and to set up the various work-streams and teams.

Throughout the project, a Minds&More Project Manager will oversee the work done by the team and the client resources to ensure momentum. At regular intervals, Steering Committee meetings will be held to review where we are versus the plan.

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Interim Manager or Consultant?

Interim Manager or Consultant?

Interim Manager or Consultant? With ‘business as usual’ changing rapidly, most companies are in change mode and need immediate help. Especially in (digital) marketing and sales, where consumer and digital behaviors evolve quickly. Interim management is a smart...

G4A is the new Google Analytics update that will help you do better business

G4A is the new Google Analytics update that will help you do better business

Have you already heard? Google has introduced GA4, a new version of Google Analytics. It’s a big step for the platform as it’s the first major change in a decade, but it’s also a big step for you if you want to better analyze the success of your digital efforts.

Let’s have a look at some of the major changes and what they can do for you.

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