Interim Manager or Consultant?

With ‘business as usual’ changing rapidly, most companies are in change mode and need immediate help. Especially in (digital) marketing and sales, where consumer and digital behaviors evolve quickly. Interim management is a smart business solution to address these changes in your business and is very different from hiring a consultant.

Both terms might seem interchangeable at first glance, but there is a big difference between an Interim Manager and a consultant.


The major difference between an Interim Manager and a consultant lies in the deliverables.

A consultant, strictly speaking, only gives advice, writes up recommendations and puts them down on paper.

An Interim Manager does a lot more for you. Of course, he/she is also able to give you great advice, but more importantly, they will also stick around to get the job done. Furthermore, they have specialized skills and experience which makes them fully prepared to step in and manage different kinds of business problems and environments.


Another important difference between an Interim Manager and a consultant lies in the time they assist your company.

Consultants are mostly used for short term specfic projects that require specifc skills.

Interim Managers, however, play a very different role – in the short or long term. You can hire an Interim Manager to fill in for the temporary absence of a key member staff, because you need specific skills in your team when you launch a new product or service or when your company is facing a major change in organization. In short, there are various situations where interim management is relevant for your business

Overview of the main differences

There are some other big differences between Interim Managers and consultants, which are outlined below:

Interim ManagersConsultants
An Interim Manager does not only advise on the situation, he/she will also implement the measures that solve the problem.A consultant gives advice on a situation, but usually he/she will not stick around to implement his/her advice.
An Interim Manager is hired as an independent person, based on his/her personal abilities and experience.Consultants are often part of a consultancy agency and are hired based on the agency’s merits more than on their personal experience.
An Interim Manager reports directly to you and not through an agency. The advantage of this direct reporting is that you are immediately and well informed.
A consultant reports back to his/her agency, which then reports back to you – costing extra time and resources.
An Interim Manager will always strive to cut costs and improve company effectiveness to achieve the company goals.As a member of an agency, a consultant might try to push additional services to please his/her agency rather than keeping an eye on your objectives.

The advantages of Interim Managers

Finally, interim management can provide many advantages and benefits to your company. It allows you to access specific expertise to fill a gap in your organization or project and quickly gain positive business impact:

  • Interim Managers are ‘hands on’ and will not only advise, but also implement and execute.
  • They will have the ability to transfer knowledge into internal teams, ensuring employees are educated and the project is a success.
  • Most Interim Managers (unless on assignment) can be hired within days. They are usually employed on flexible contracts, which offer the ability to quickly scale up and down on projects.
  • As the client, you can choose which individuals you want working on the project.
  • Interim Managers are impartial. An Interim is hired to do the best for the business with no hidden agenda.
  • Interim Managers bring bespoke models / project management frameworks that are tailored to individual business requirements.

Minds&More has more than 10 years’ experience in providing flexible interim management solutions in (digital) marketing, sales, and transformation. Our qualified pool of Interim Managers can strengthen your company on a full-time or part-time basis in several roles.

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