Interim in Brand Management

Minds&More provides qualified interim resources in brand management. Help you create, protect and grow your brand in the market. We fill a temporary gap in your organization (people, capability, brand management expertise). Duration for the interim assignment is based on your needs.

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Build your brand in the market

Benefits: Create, protect and grow
your brand in the market.

  • Develop/update the brand strategy and plan
  • Conduct research / analyse market trends 
  • Align brand promise with the target customers
  • Work with different departments to deliver brand promise
  • Execute relevant communications to build brand image
  • Execute tactics to expand brand engagement
  • Measure brand attractiveness
  • Manage budget

Client cases – Brand Management

3 aspects a company should think of before starting with Marketing Automation

If Marketing Automation is not well implemented within a company the cost for implementation and the license will be higher than the additional revenue it brings in. And let’s be clear Marketing Automation should be a win! That’s why I listed 3 important aspects where you as a company should think of before starting with Marketing Automation.

[Infographic] Keyword Research Guide

Now that you have read my blogpost on SEO for dummies (if you haven’t, now is the time!), you’re ready for some more advanced topics such as keyword research. Doing a keyword research doesn’t have to be that complex if you keep 4 steps in mind: think, search, watch and create. Read more in my infographic below.

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