Interim in Pricing or Interim Data Manager

Minds&More provides qualified interim resources for Pricing and Customer or Master Data Management. We help fill a gap in your organization (people, capability, expertise). Duration of interim assignments based on your needs (in months).
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#1 - Interim Pricing Manager, Pricing lead

Benefits: Effectively Manage Pricing 

  • Analysis of customer, cost, competition
  • Effective price management
  • Governance of pricing process
  • Support price adjustments, optimizations
  • Implement price strategy, models and policies
  • Pricing intelligence, analytics & reporting
  • Value based pricing (where applicable)

#2 - Interim Customer/Master Data Management

Benefits: Leverage data to support business decisions

  • Master data management, governance
  • Data Management and analyses fort better decisions
  • Maintain and analyze commercial data
  • Align data with the information systems (CRM, ERP, PIM, ..)
  • Help teams to adopt and use commercial data
  • Customer data compliance and governance

Interim client cases – Pricing, Data Management

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