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Minds&More provides qualified interim Project Management resources. Help on a key business or commercial initiative, a transformation, or digital commercial project. We help fill a gap in your organization (people, capability, expertise). Duration of interim assignment is based on your needs (duration in months).

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#1 - Interim Project Manager

Benefits: Provide support on a key business initiative

  • Contribute to project plan 
  • Activity planning, tasks and sequencing
  • Organize tasks to be completed and define dependencies
  • Manage deadlines to achieve targets 
  • Internal briefings and project status
  • Project documentation 
  • Coordination of with project team
  • Manage deadlines and risk management
  • Monitoring and reporting progress

#2 - Senior Interim Project Manager

Benefits: Realize business initiative 

  • Definition of project plan to support business goal
  • Activity planning, tasks and sequencing
  • Organize tasks to be completed and define dependencies
  • Resource planning, assign roles, setting deadlines 
  • Internal briefings and ensure alignment among the team
  • Project documentation and manage to budget
  • Project governance (steering, core team, contributors)
  • Where deviations define root causes
  • Monitoring and reporting progress

Interim client cases – Project Management

[Infographic] Video Marketing for events

As Jason Hsiao points out, “Video marketing is still in its infancy, with only about 30% of events creating recaps. Given the benefits we’ve seen with the ROI of event marketing, it’s a great opportunity for event marketers to rally around video.”
With this in mind, let’s dive into the 4 types of video every marketer should make to promote their events.

Content strategy in the delight phase

The social media content strategy in the delight phaseCoralie GakDigital Marketing ConsultantThis is it. The last piece of our three articles about your content strategy based on each flywheel phase. After the attract phase, and the engagement phase, you should now...

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