Last week, we conducted our content café session with the Minds&More associates. The guest speakers Christian Lofberg, associate, and François Delvaux, partner at Minds&More explained more on Virtual Selling, a topic that’s highly relevant in today’s low touch environment driven by the pandemic and the accelerating digital evolution in the business world. 

Here are some of our key takeaways from the presentation: 

Remote Working Is Here to Stay

Virtual selling is a trend that has been on the rise for several years now, even before COVID-19. However, its arrival has considerably increased the need for remote working and virtual interactions!  

Our recent study showed that 65% of our past webinar participants forecasts digital marketing and virtual selling will gain importance in 2021.

Benchmark on Top Challenges of Virtual Selling 

Even if virtual selling is becoming the ‘new norm”, it is still very challenging for many employees and their companies. The main challenges are: 

1. Gaining the Buyers’ attention and keeping buyers engaged virtually 

The top challenge sellers face is gaining the buyers’ attention and keeping them engaged virtually. It is easier to retain attentive in a face-to-face conversation since there are fewer distractions. However, in a virtual format, buyers are easily distracted, and it is harder to regain their attention. The priority now is to be able to get engagement and better trained employees on how to do this and usage relevant tools. 

2. Changing the buyer’s point of view on what’s possible or how to solve a problem 

Remotely, it is difficult to establish a real relationship with a prospect, which makes it hard to change a buyer’s mind. This is where advanced consultative selling or the use of insight selling comes in. Sellers change the points of view by educating their buyers with new ideas and perspectives, but also by pushing back when buyers think differently. The priority now is to be able to train commercial team to do this better and usage relevant tools. 

Tips That Will Help You Avoid Typical Virtual Selling Mistakes 

What are the mistakes of those doing virtual selling, from a buyer’s perspective? 

Here are the results of a study of the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research: 

The whole challenge doing virtual selling is to avoid these typical mistakes identified by the buyers. Here are some tips and extracts from the presentation of Christian and Francois on virtual selling effectiveness. 

1. Create a new virtual experience 

When you’re doing a virtual meeting or when you are doing virtual selling, don’t just duplicate a face-to-face approach to an online experience. The experiences will be different and, as described above, there are many more distractions online. You have to create a new virtual experience and ensure to better prepare and get engagement by using relevant content, questions and tools. 

2. Choose the right channel 

In our virtual world, there are a lot of different channels to contact a prospect. We can divide these channels into two groups. First there are the simultaneous channels like face-to-face, phone calls, and video calls, that allows you to engage directly with the interlocutor. The second group is the non-simultaneous channels including email, video messaging, social media posts, and voice mail. 

When considering contacting a prospect, it is better use a channel that suits you and that will have a higher response rate from those you contact.  

3. Use the right software  

Today, there are a lot of different video conferencing software that are emerging and working really well. Use the right software that you correspond to you because you can master all its details, but use a software that corresponds to the buyer’s profile too. 

4. Work your ‘iron’ message 

You have to find the right solid message you want the buyer to remember. When you connect with buyers through digital communication tools, you have to have a good introduction, define what the reason is for the connection, what is the outcome the client could expect and what is next for the client. All of these steps are part of the ‘Iron’ Message.  

5. Prepare your online meeting 

There are a lot of elements to be taken into account to prepare a good online meeting. Minds&More and Christian have coined a detailed approach that will help you to prepare your meetings in the best possible way.  

If you want to learn more about this specific approach or if you want to increase your skills in virtual selling, Minds&More offers you a training adapted to the social and virtual selling needs of your company. 

Interested in a virtual selling training for yourself or your employees. Find all information by clicking the button bellow

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