The first episode in our webinar series was a great success. Minds&More partner Pieterjan Kempynck made a passionate plea not to start or get stuck in mere tactics, but to start with asking yourself why you need to do something. Get to know the market and your customers as well as you can and set up your segments, targeting, and business model based on that knowledge.
Once those are in place, you can determine how you will proceed, putting the right people, processes, and platforms in place. And only then decide which tactics will work to reach your objectives.

Benedikte Paulissen from Telenet explained very clearly how they did just that to maintain high business impact in a low touch era, with its enormous impact on who we are and on how we behave. Doing an even deeper customer research showed that – contrary to what they thought – it was not the product or technology that matters most to Telenet customers, but the in-house experience of the network. The result was a shift from product and technology focus to a customer intimacy differentiator. In other words: a fundamental rethink of the strategy and how to achieve this new approach. With the entire leadership on board, including the CTO, but especially from top to bottom throughout the entire organisation.

Want to find out more about the strategic approach you need to adapt in a low touch economy and how Telenet did it? Then replay the webinar and/or download our slides.
The Low Touch Strategy webinar is the first in our series. Over the coming weeks, we will also focus on marketing, digital, (virtual) sales and channel management in the low touch era. Subscribe now to make sure you continue to achieve a high business impact!