Make your YouTube channel more user friendly in 5 simple steps

Rina De Cock

Rina De Cock
Digital Marketing Consultant

Companies have more and more video content stored on their YouTube Channel: a company video, product videos, aftermovies from events, promotional videos, … If the consumer visits your YouTube page looking for the answer to a specific question, you want to make sure he finds what he is looking for. Follow these steps to help your consumer navigate more easily through your YouTube channel.

Step 1: Analyze the video content you have

When was the last time you visited your own YouTube channel? If it has been a while or if you were not the one to upload everything on there, you might be surprised with the number of videos you have. Make an inventory of all the videos on your channel (you can use Word, Excel…). If you notice that some videos that have been made, are missing from your channel, this is a good time to upload them and add them to a playlist. Then you start to categorize all videos: Advertising content, tutorials, product videos, and so on.

Step 2: Determine which content should or should not be easily accessible

Then it’s time to determine which content should be easy to access and therefore be on your homepage. The consumer did probably not come to your page to see all the commercials you made through the years. A recent ‘after’ video from an event can be interesting, but only if it is from the past year. The most interesting videos for the consumer are videos that explain more about your product or service. These are the videos where the consumer will hopefully find the answer to his questions: How do I install this product ? What is the difference between product type A & B?

Step 3: Create playlists based on categories of videos

Next you create playlists with all video content from the same category. Think carefully about the names of your playlists, these are the categories the consumer will see. It can be the name of the product the videos are about (if there are a lot of products), or the type of video.

Step 4: Organize your homepage

The top of your homepage is always the company video. Try to explain what your company does in about 30 sec. This video can also be used for a long-running campaign on social media and on the website. Then you add the relevant playlists to your homepage.

Have a look at the example of Minds&More’s YouTube Channel:

Step 5: Link to relevant videos

The goal is that the consumer finds what he is looking for. If he clicked on the wrong video, it helps if you link to other interesting videos that are related to the subject of that video. You can both link to other videos during the video (on top of the video) using Cards, or at the end of the video using an End Screen.

Have a look at our YouTube Channel to get some examples of what i’ve just explained to you! 

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