You are a Marketing leader looking for support

Do you need support to ensure your team activates well the go-to-market plans to or to create value for your customers?

Do you need coaching or training to ensure you create marketing qualified leads for your business?

Minds&More services for the clients

• You and your team are having to adapt to a changing environment, digital and the growing role of modern buyers.

• Other departments depend on marketing to contribute to the business growth agenda. Your team has limited time and has to balance many priorities and often too much on their ‘plate’.

• You need to help find, get and grow customers. You need to manage the brand, value propositions, pricing, customer satisfaction and ensure that the rest of the organization sells well your value.

• The team or the department you manage may need to be reinforced during a specific time period. You may have open positions in your organization, you face an absence, you lack specific marketing expertise or digital marketing capabilities to fill short term.

We have what you need!

Cover temporary leaves

Lead generation

Interim marketing assignments

Develop or execute go to market plans and tactics

Support value proposition projetcs

Effective value and price management

Define and implement customer centric strategies

Implement digital marketing and sales platforms

How can we help ?

We provide you an interim for your (digital) marketing and communication projects

Interim management

We provide carefully selected expert across many marketing specialties to strengthen your team in the short-term. Interim marketing assignments in MARCOM, Product Marketing, Digital marketing, branding, Project Management, and more. We fill a temporary absence of a resource or capability in your organization.

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Our consultants work to improve and grow your business


Our consulting and advisory solutions are designed to deliver positive impact and improve your commercial performance. Working closely with your organisation to develop and implement pragmatic projects to grow your business. We help to rethink, improve or adapt plans, processes, value proposition, pricing, go-to-market tactics and sales enablement.

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Training and seminars experts for your company

Training & Seminars

We provide applied trainings in sales, sales management, planning, value based pricing and marketing. We build capabilities of your organization. We can integrate our approach in your internal learning & development academy. We also organize kick offs, interesting key notes, seminars and events to share learnings and best practices.

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How we do things

Active Listening

We actively listen to the challenges and needs of our clients.

Structure the problem together

We define the problem to solve, the scope of the assignment and the change challenge.

Define solution paths and success metrics

Use our network of professionals to explore solution paths for the problem, and work with client to set clear  success metrics.

Implement and track quality

We collaborate with client organization to implement the selected solution(s). We track progress of deliverables, quality of service rendered and ensure desired results realized.

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