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Minds&More is a preferred employer or partner for marketing, sales and transformation professionals. Our company combines freelancers’, as well entrepreneurial employees who wish to belong to a market leading group, team and brand, whilst fully leveraging their value.

Three freelances of Minds&More

Be part of Minds&More network

All qualified professionals in our firm are “Associates”, which means that we nurture a true association of people who share their expertise, contacts, opportunities and best practices. Working together enables us to service larger clients with a broad spectrum of specialised interim and project management services and solutions.

 What do you need to be part of our team?

– Knowledge of different sales and marketing domains: Product Management, Content & Digital Marketing, Sales Coaching, Key Account Management, Go to Market Tactics,…

– Skills & competences: sales, marketing and/or transformation; deep & broad expertise; industry and/or consulting ; project management.

– Share our values: Integrity, Accountability, Participation, Pragmatism and Service Quality.

What would be your benefits?

Working at Minds&More first and foremost means working on important client projects. Additionally, we offer our Associates various opportunities to connect, share and learn.

1. Associate Orientation sessions for newcomers to explain how we work and how they can contribute to our joint success.

2. Associate Meetings for staffed resources to catch up on new services, opportunities, project best practices or simply have fun.

3. Access to Minds&More events &  expert trainings.

4. Join Competence Teams to meet other experts in domains such as value-based pricing or Digital Marketing & Social Selling.

5. Follow-up and support from a Relationship Manager whilst on the client project.


By working together with Minds & More I have been introduced in a completely different network than mine. This already created several opportunities that resulted in a few successful projects. I could also focus more on the project I am working on than on finding my next project.

Rudy Geens


As associate, you get the opportunity to exchange information with others to be inspired to exceed in your challenges. It is a very warm group of freelancers willing to share and learn from each other; It makes you feel part of an excelling team. The partners are always there to support you with their knowledge and network; sharing is learning in both directions. Love to be part of this network!

Marika Gysel


Minds&More is the place to be. A very well respected network of partners and associates helps ensure companies across Belgium can deliver on projects and fill temporary gaps with top talent. And they’re a fun and dynamic group that’s always open to expanding their expertise!

Richard Tischler


At Minds&More, it all starts with a perfect match with your talents. From contract to onboarding and follow up, I can count on support and great professionalism. As a freelance, I’m looking for an ecosystem but also for real partners and colleagues who know the meaning of ‘sharing is caring’… and I found it. No blabla, a real dynamic with a top organisation and loyal customers.

Jean-François Dinant


Every day we have new opportunities at our clients. Since the freelance world is moving so quickly we cannot keep up on putting them on our website.

Please contact our staffing team to catch up on open opportunities!

Join us!