Minds&More recently hosted a number of Executive Briefings on Sales and Marketing Alignment in Brussels, BELGIUM. More than 20 executive decision makers attended the event. Hamish Madan, an Associate at Minds & More demonstrated the benefits of “strong alignment” – showing how strongly aligned organizations outperform their counterparts by better sales conversion ratio’s and lower levels of churn. Both these benefits, on average, lead to 5.4% improvement on top line growth.

“More successful organizations make a conscious decision to invest resources in ensuring that sales and marketing are strongly aligned and adopt a systematic structured approach to planning between sales and marketing functions” said Hamish Madan

Minds & More presented a methodology which has been adopted by more than 300 organizations world-wide called Funnel CampTM – a proven approach and methodology that ensures alignment between sales and marketing teams on business and financial goals, core strategy, sales funnel metrics and together teams shape tactics designed to move customer buyers through their respective buying stages.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about how Funnel CampTM can help your organization grow more, lose less customers and increase sales conversion ratio’s – then contact us via this form and interact with our certified team.

About Minds&More

Minds&More is a network of over 30 seasoned marketing and sales professionals helping clients to improve their marketing and sales performance. We provide innovative and collaborative ways of building marketing capabilities and pragmatic approaches to challenges around sales and marketing alignment.

The services offered by Minds&More cover marketing consulting, capability development, interim marketing, marketing and sales planning (Funnel LogicTM and Funnel CampTM), training and coaching. We

Some of our clients include Accenture, Acerta, bpost, Brady Corporation, BNP Paribas Fortis, Melexis, Mobistar. The office of Minds&More is based in Diegem, which is at the heart of Belgium.

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