Minds&More is proud to announce that over the past 3 months it has worked with four different clients (who are leading players in the telecommunications, logistics, and services sectors) to become better aligned organizations using the proven methodology, Funnel CampTM.

Funnel CampTM is a unique approach, which is designed to align the sales and marketing leaders of an organization around a single plan, creates shared objectives, helps gain agreement on problems a company solves in their market and shapes specific sales and marketing tactics to progress buyers forward so that more sales growth can be realized.

Minds&More has accredited Funnel Coaches as part of its team of now 25 associates. These accredited Funnel Coaches build the B2B marketing skills of companies with MathMarketing’s well-proven  Funnel Camp (integrated sales and marketing plans) which has to date been deployed to hundreds of companies around the world, and the recent success stories in Belgium is another proof of the power of Funnel CampTM and Funnel PlanTM.

About MathMarketing
Over 400 projects, twelve years and five continents, MathMarketing (www.mathmarketing.com) has helped many companies to ramp the performance of their Sales and Marketing engines with clear plans and the skills to execute. Clients include AXA, CA, Canon, Ernst & Young, GE, IBM, NEC, Nokia, Oracle, SAP, Sony, Telstra, Vodafone and World Vision. Common issues Funnel coaches solve include:

  • Lacking a clear plan for growth
  • Client team having gaps in their B2B marketing skills
  • Members of their team just don’t ‘get it’; or Sales and Marketing are not aligned.

About Minds&More
Minds&More is a network of over 25 seasoned marketing and sales professionals helping clients to improve their marketing and sales performance. We provide innovative and collaborative ways of building marketing capabilities and pragmatic approaches to challenges around sales and marketing alignment.

The services offered by Minds&More cover marketing consulting, capability development, interim marketing, marketing and sales planning (using Funnel LogicTM), training and coaching.

Some of our clients include Accenture, Acerta, bpost, Brady Corporation, BNP Paribas Fortis, Melexis, Mobistar. The office of Minds&More is based in Diegem, which is at the heart of Belgium.

Park Hill
Jan Emiel Mommaertslaan 16B box 3,
1831 - Diegem - Belgium

Aedimar Business Center
Kalkhoevestraat 10 box 4.2
8790 - Waregem - Belgium

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