Paula Duffy, Associate at Minds&More, was in Madrid last week at Microsoft’s Extreme CRM conference where she presented best practices for sales managers to improve sales productivity in a session entitled “Cracking the Sales Management Code®“.  The role of CRM as a coaching tool, rather than an inspection tool, and how to ensure that Sales Managers are able to navigate and use the millions of data points available to them to ultimately deliver the results expected from their teams, was the theme of the session. Delegates took the time to reflect on their own metrics and how many of these are actually manageable, and then looked at how the role of the Sales Manager is key as it is she/he who needs to devise a balanced framework in which sales teams can deliver, develop and flourish.

Other sessions at the conference confirmed how alignment between Marketing and Sales is crucial and which is a topic that we have been preaching at Minds&More for a very long time! In this purpose, we will be organising a Mingle Monday on 18 May 2015 on Leveraging CRM to boost Sales. This is becoming even more evident with the advent of Social Selling so watch this space as we will be talking a lot about this in the coming weeks in our Sales webinar in partnership with Vlerick Business schools (More information about it here).

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