Minds&More Casestudy:

How Kentucky Horsewear

Achieved Double Growth

in Only Two Months

Growing so fast that you get lost in your day-to-day operations and are neglecting the long-term vision and strategy to assure you will remain successful? Good thing Thomas Tuytens from Kentucky Horsewear got in touch with trusted advisor Minds&More.

Kentucky Horsewear is, together with Kentucky Dogwear and Grooming Deluxe, part of Global International Products and is run by CEO Thomas Tuytens. The company develops high quality products, both for equestrian sports and dogs and is active in more than 40 countries.

As Thomas testifies, their marketing was primarily done from the gut rather than from a clear vision and plan. After talking to several agencies, Thomas choose Minds&More because “they really listen to the customer and come up with an ideal solution without too much blabla”.

Together with Minds&More they have set up a clear marketing plan and budget for 2021, within different criteria. Before the exercise with Minds&More, the marketing actually ran in parallel with the sales team. After the exercise Kentucky Horsewear did with Minds&More, the sales team and marketing have become one, so they are better aligned.

The result? Kentucky Horsewear has been working on this plan for two months now. Whereas they used to grow by an average of 50 percent per month, they now have 100 percent growth per month.

Do you also want to grow your business with a better marketing & sales plan?

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