Minds&More has opened a new office in Waregem

Minds&More, Diegem based, has known an important growth and increase in business over the last couple of years.  We have served many customers at national and international level. Within both the enterprise and mid-market we have seen that many companies in Flanders (mainly in East and West-Flanders) approached Minds&More to support them in their Sales & Marketing challenges.
As a result, we managed to build solid and deep relationships with customers like Barco, EnergyICT (later Elster), Unilin, Brustor, Vensol, Vandecapelle (now CEBEO), etc.

Moreover, we have since a few years a close collaboration with VOKA in the different provinces, more particularly in West-VL we have been and are a key partner in their so called ‘international business clubs’ and Plato program. Our Minds&More experts define and deliver with VOKA the different sessions on Sales and Marketing related topics (e.g. training sessions on Sales & Marketing subject matters as well as Product Management topics, go-to-market strategy matters, etc.).

To be closer to our customer and further strengthen and expand our position in this market we have decided to open a local office in Waregem. Located next to the E17 highway (between Ghent and Kortrijk) we can plan meetings with our customers, partners and benefit from a local presence to attract new talent in Oost & West Flanders.

Minds&More is known for its wide variety of customer events and excellent content topics (Mingle Monday called events and./or trainings). This Waregem office will also allow us to hold very much local, customer intimate events on these emerging content topics such as influencer marketing, social selling, funnel management and conversion, etc.

The office will also serve as a meeting point for customer meetings, possible new relationships or even possible offsite meetings, etc.

Contact information:

Aedimar Business Center
Kalkhoevestraat 10 box 4.2
8790 Waregem – Belgium

T : +32 (0)56 19 17 17

See you there soon!

Need sales and marketing expertise/resources in East and West-Flanders?

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Park Hill
Jan Emiel Mommaertslaan 16B box 3,
1831 - Diegem - Belgium

Aedimar Business Center
Kalkhoevestraat 10 box 4.2
8790 - Waregem - Belgium

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