Minds&More and Showpad

Over the past three years Minds&More has expanded its collaboration with Showpad. We work together on common clients to deliver stronger commercial performance driven by better buyer experience through sales enablement platforms, and gain closer alignment between marketing and sales. We guide our clients to execute the right content at the right time to the right customer so that it makes it easier for Sales teams to get buy-in from customer and convert sales opportunities.

Fact: Modern buyers demand a better experience.  53% of buyers choose a vendor based on the buyer experience (CEB).

When customers and prospects engage with sales reps they want to have personalized, value-driven interactions supported by relevant content.

While Showpad provides the technological platform; Minds&More helps commercial teams deal with change management and ensure get the company gets the most out of the investment in this platform – Minds&More helps marketing and sales to embrace the new way of selling. Minds&More provides advisory services in the areas of process and people to ensure that the organization (marketing, sales, management, partners) understands how to use and adopts well this platform and becomes part of their marketing or selling daily routine. Example of what do in the area of people : change roadmap, align job roles, clarify who does what, get buy-in, define scope when rolling out, train in the field, align KPIs and metric to measure. We work on site at our clients, we go in the field with your team.

About Showpad

Showpad delivers the industry’s only sales enablement platform that combines sales content, readiness, and engagement. Heling bridge the gap between sales and marketing, Showpad’s platform enables companies to drive more revenue faster by empowering sales and marketing to sell the way buyers want to buy.

1.Deliver a better buyer experience

Showpad platforms can help to personalize sales conversations with customers and deliver the right content in a beautifully designed, visual buyer experience. Guide multiple buyers and influencers through the selling process with branded microsites, augmented reality, and in-content collaboration.

Minds&More helps clients using (or thinking about using) Showpad to define their buyer journey, and identify where content and relevant sales activities can impact specific stages of the buyer journey. Minds&More also helps marketing to align to the buyer journey and apply more relevant nurture tactics. We also help sales teams integrate this platform and content into their way of selling. We train sales managers, sales reps, redesign roles, align to sales processes and methodology.


2. Engage your buyers with intelligent sales content

Showpad makes it easy for sales to share the right content on any device, even when offline. Content recommendations and intelligent search powered by machine-learning make Showpad smarter than traditional sales enablement.

Minds&More helps sales teams to prepare for and adapt to this new technology and the new way of selling. We integrate into sales processes this platform (i.e. in the activities of account management, visit/customer meeting, handling objections, progressing sales opportunities). We provide additional training to marketers, sales managers, sales reps beyond the initial training technical training they receive. We go in the field with sales reps to see how they use and provide tips to fully use.


3. Make better decisions with impactful analytics

Showpad provides analytics to help manage content and make related decisions (i.e. based on usage by sales persons and link with possibly CRM / revenue data, ..) .

Minds&More helps sales managers and marketing managers to use the available reports and analytics to make informed decisions – what is working / what is not. Where possible link the data with sales opportunity / revenue information (in CRM or other sources). Minds&More trains sales managers on how to export available data, analyse it to draw relevant insights and conclusions. We coach marketing managers to help maximize their content ROI and focus on the content that has most impact.

For specific questions on our capabilities, quote for services, contact our team and lead:  francois.delvaux@mindsandmore.biz

Companies that Minds&More has helped where Showpad was deployed as part of the commercial initiative: Fixmer, Lyfra, Lekkerland, bpost, Knauf Insulation, …

Our clients have won two Sales and Marketing Excellence Awards from external Jury/Showpad on the work we have done with Showpad – Business Impact award,  Indirect channel sales enablement Award

Currently we are doing a large research study with Showpad to help companies maximize their returns from platform investments. Join us at the Showpad Showtime in October or at our 8th Annual Marketing and Performance Summit in November to see the insights from the study and network with the team and participants.