“Impossible is nothing” by Adidas, joined by “Just Do It” by Nike – some of the greatest and most famous slogans hit the nail on the head. They explain the brand philosophy and reason of existence in one small phrase.

Digital marketers need to wake up and realize that “performance is digital transformation” – a slogan that they should adopt and live by for the next few years, no matter if they’re in B2C or B2B, in retail or finance, working for big companies or SMEs.

The reality is that we’re far from embracing such a mantra. Marketers give themselves too much credit when talking about digital. They have the feeling that they’ve mastered the digital world because they can use words such as “content”, “personalization”, “A/B testing” or “customer experience” in a conversation.

We pat ourselves on the back much too easy thanks to vanity metrics such as open rates, click through rates, the amount of time spent on a page and heat maps. Yet the gap between where we are today, where we should be and where our customers would like us to be is ever widening.

Consider this – by the time you’ve decided that digital transformation is a necessity, you’re several months if not years down the road. The inability to change an aging company culture, along with the slow adoption of digital technology puts us far behind in terms of maturity compared to consumers.

As marketers, we don’t drive product development anymore, nor do we launch campaigns to customers. They do it for us, we just adapt to their needs and stay relevant, if we’re digitally savvy. The shift in consumer expectations along with the digital revolution, has put the customer right in the driver seat.

Those slow to adapt have long feared this and have fought the change. The need for digital transformation was never a priority on their agenda – “one size fits all campaigns” are still the norm, with mobile optimized websites and relevant content a “nice to have” but never a must.

Brands who invested in digital, brands who adapted to this new consumer behavior thanks to the advances in technology managed to rise to the challenge, adapt and stay relevant. They managed to personalize the customer journey, use collected data to anticipate customer needs and were able to build a customer experience that made consumers come back for more, each time.

In essence, digital transformation isn’t just about technology. It’s about having a focus on the entire customer experience. Digital transformation means performance – performance is digital transformation.

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