Every interaction with a customer is too important to leave to chance. Conceptual Selling® Customer-Focused Interactions helps sales professionals better prepare for their time with customers. The result is purposeful meetings and win-win outcomes.

This programme is right for any member of your team who regularly interacts with customers and  prospects, including: sales professionals, account managers, business development, sales support, engineers (technical sales), senior leadership, customer service.

Session content

  • Plan for every customer interaction to ensure productive use of salesperson’s and customer’s time
  • How to make sure every interaction with customers is conducted to either move an opportunity forward or improve the relationship
  • Aligning the sales and buying processes
  • How to ask the right questions that will uncover critical information, and listen to the answers
  • Conclude every meeting with clear actions for both sides to ensure the opportunity continues  to move forward

Expected benefits

  • Enhance how sales professionals execute in all of their interactions with customers, whether a scheduled multi-attendee meeting or an impromptu one-to-one
  • Provide the simple, repeatable structure that should be considered essential for anyone who interacts with customers

About this format :

Off-line Preparation (1 hour) + 1,5 day Workshop

Available in :

EN - NL - FR

Price per participant :

1.695 EUR

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