Funnel Management

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The Funnel Management programme is designed to help you boost your sales performance through better management of your sales pipeline. Learn how to identify critical activities that result in gaining more and better sales wins for your business. This session is recommend dof Sales Managers, Sales Directors, VP Sales, Sales Leaders, Key Account Managers, Sales Representatives, Business Development Managers, Channel Managers, Sales Operations, Sales Excellence, Business Unit leaders or Company Owners.
  • Learn about effective funnel (pipeline) management and what works or doesn't.
  • Learn how to apply key activities to improve the way you manage your funnel.
  • Gain insights on how to coach a team as part of a funnel review.
  • Learn how to get more out of your CRM.
  • Identify the key metrics specific to effective funnel management.
  • Ability to apply effective approach to funnel management and gain as a result increased sales performance.
  • Get the expertise of knowing where to focus efforts on the relevant sales opportunities and gain better sales realisations.
  • Effectively coach teams on their sales opportunities and on where to focus their efforts.
  • Turn this capability into a competitive advantage for your organisation.

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1 day Workshop

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