Funnel Planning – Develop effective marketing and sales plans

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This session focuses on developing an effective and actionable marketing & sales plan with key tactics that will fill the sales funnel and support the incremental sales objectives. It will ensure common alignment among your team on where to focus given your available resources, sales capacity and market maturity. The session is recommended for marketing directors, market researchers, go to market managers, product marketing, sales directors & managers, marcom managers and channel managers, preferrably together to work on a joint plan.  

Session content

  • Educate participants on key concepts such as the customers buyers journey, strategy summary, defining sales capacity, tactics to fill and progress buyers through the sales funnel
  • We facilitate the discussions on your business goals, current strategy, priority problems you solve in the market
  • We help you understand your funnel velocity and determine the numbers needed for each stage of your sales and marketing funnel.
  • Conduct applied exercises using the online tool for Funnel Plan  develop your marketing and sales plan during the wokshops
  • Learn about which tactics are typically used to fill sales funnel and sequence of tactics
  • Run scenarios if sales capacity, funnel leakage, lead recycling were to change

Expected benefits

  • A highly-actionable sales and marketing plan to execute your strategy (whether it is next quarter or 2 years from now)
  • Summary of your strategy, target and offer (What, To whom, Through whom)
  • Clarity around your strategy and where to focus among the team (marketing, sales, management)
  • Efficiencies in your go to market (where to spend your money given how you want to progress buyers)
  • Sales & marketing alignment: Your team committed to a common plan, and its execution

About this format :

2 to 3 day workshop for mixed marketing & sales teams. Each participant gets trained by a certified professional on Funnel PlanningTM and also gets a one year license to access and use their own Funnel PlanTM online.

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Price per participant :

5000€ to 9000€ depending on scope

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