Social Selling and Content Mastery® – For Marketing

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Hands-on training for marketing professionals to become more effective in their organization’s social selling activities, and content management (how to create, educate, discover and evaluate content and social tactics). This will result in building your organization’s brand, effective content management and contributing to revenues. This is a 7 week modular training via virtual instructor led classrooms, e-learning portal, and a one year access to ‘Ask the experts’.

This session is recommended for Marketing professionals, marketing managers, content managers, MARCOM professionals, product marketing.

Session Content

  • Social selling as a powerful lever (Module 1) and how to create content that fits the buyer’s journey (Module 2).
  • Organizing your content library (Module 3) and creating content / asset best practices (Module 4).
  • How to organize content effectively (Module 5).
  • Creating your inbound and outbound strategies (Module 6).
  • Evaluating engagement with relevant metrics and feedback systems (Module 7).

Expected Benefits

  • Gain understanding of social media management to create businesses growth for your company.
  • Become more effective in content management in order to make your buyers progress in your funnel.
  • Set up relevant metrics to strengthen the company’s brand and sales in the market.
  • Alignment with sales teams to help get increased sales performance and ways to better compete in the market.
  • Access to social selling and marketing experts to answer your specific questions, get examples and tips.

About this format :

This is a 7 Week course with an access to resources and e-portal for one year

Available in :

EN - NL - FR (Materials in EN)

Price per participant :

€ 1500 (VAT EXCL.)

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