Strategic Thinking Process – DPI method

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  This session is recommended for top and senior management personnel who are either formulators and/or key implementers of their organisation’s direction and strategy.
  • Head of a business unit of a large company
  • CEO of mid-sized company
  • Strategy VP
  • COO
Strategic Thinking Process™ is a proven methodology developed by Decision Processes International (DPI) and over the last 35 years has been applied by over 3.000 companies worldwide. Learn how to use strategic thinking methodologies and gain a “How to” approach (tailored for executives) to effectively develop new perspectives on how to formulate game-changing strategies.

Session Content

  • Learn about Strategic Thinking versus Strategic Planning.
  • Discover DPI’s Strategic Thinking Process and its conceptual underpinnings.
  • Access to a comprehensive process to identify current strategic profile and current industry model.
  • Tools to help you identify new and emerging trends and understand their implications.
  • Analyse your organisation’s strategic variables that should be leveraged or addressed going forward.
  • Understanding your Company’s Driving Force and strategic options.
  • Formulating a future strategic profile.
  • Identifying critical issues.
  • Establishing strategic objectives and action plans.

Expected benefits

  • Understand the differences between Strategic Thinking and Strategic Planning; between Strategic Planning and Operational Planning
  • Identify strategic challenges facing your business and confidently engage senior management on how to deal with them
  • Rapidly formulate business strategies that are distinctive, and which tap into the best thinking and insights of the team to forge a shared direction
  • Learn about the proprietary concept of Driving Force™ - the DNA of Strategy
  • Don’t change the rules, change the game! Discover the 4 proven ways!
  • From Strategy Formulation to successful deployment

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1 day Workshop with practical exercises

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