Understanding Big Data

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Practical introduction to the use of Big Data in enterprises. This training reviews the transformation of Big Data in companies. After taking this course you will understand how Big Data can be relevant to you. This session is recommended for marketing managers, commercial directors, IT managers, operations managers and business decision makers.

Session content

  • Learn about the Big Data trends and technologies.
  • The transition to a data driven organization. From new job roles to the 360 degree customer overview.
  • Real-time Data Processing: leveraging social media to get real-time answers.
  • Integrating a Big Data solution in the enterprise: possible challenges, privacy & regulation, agility.
  • Discuss potential use cases during our interactive group session.

Expected benefits

  • Understand what Big Data can do for you and what it means for your company.
  • Get a better view of the terminology used in the Big Data world.
  • Enable you to start implementing a Big Data strategy.

About this format :

Half day session including a Big Data use-case discussion.

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