This session focuses on demonstrating how pricing can be a powerful lever to boost the performance of revenues and enhance overall profitablity. You will learn how to capture the value that is created by your products and services and how to use those elements to define the optimal pricing. This session is recommended for B2B BU directors, CFOs and financial controllers, marketing and sales directors, senior product managers and pricing managers.

Session content

  • What is value-based pricing and how to ensure it gets on the executive agenda
  • Approach to value estimation and value differentiation
  • Client segmentation based on value attributes
  • How to apply value-based pricing approach during new product or service innovation
  • Review and discuss examples of best-in-class value-based pricing and conduct group exercises
  • Learn how to succesfully sell and communicate the value
  • Tips and tricks to embark on your value-based pricing journey

Expected benefits

  • Understanding of what value-based pricing is and how to apply it
  • Gained understanding of where the value is and how to capture it
  • Learn how to communicate value to change the customers' and buyers' perception
  • Realise better price performance resulting in growth in your profitability

About this format :

One day Workshop

Available in :

EN - NL - FR

Price per participant :

€ 850

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