Your Web Applications On The Right Track

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Interactive training to learn how to make the right decisions regarding the development of applications for your department or organization. Practical examples will show you how to activate the right experts in the right capacity in order to ensure strong and lasting results. This session is recommended for non-technical marketing, commercial and business managers who are considering to develop applications in their specific domain.

Session content

  • What are the various components of a web application and which impact do they have within an organization?
  • What is the future op web applications?
  • How to make the right choices with regards to starting my projects?
  • How to make sure my internal & external teams keeps the right focus and meets the agreed deadlines?

Expected benefits

  • Understand what developers are talking about and be able to correctly assess their contribution.
  • Ability to make the right decisions with regards to building new applications.
  • Being capable to follow the entire development trajectory.

About this format :

Half day interactive session

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Price per participant :

€ 495