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Minds&More helps companies to realize more growth by building their capabilities in Sales and Marketing – with a particular focus on sales enablement-. We implement digital sales platforms such as Showpad to empower sales people to engagedeliver more revelant customer conversations and experiences. We work with marketing to organize relevant content for the buyer journey, help to better progress their sales opportunities and achieve business growth.

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Consultants help you to boost your growth and create marketing impact.

Over the past five years, Minds&More has expanded its collaboration with Showpad. As partner, we work together on common clients to deliver stronger commercial performance and commercial excellence.

  • Ensure your sales enablement coherent with the customer experience
  • We work with marketing to organize content along the buyer journey
  • Integrate Showpad into the commercial process
  • Help define commercial KPIs for sales enablement
  • Training of marketing teams
  • Training of sales teams, and field coaching,
  • Change management and help in the transformation
  • Support Commercial excellence initiatives

This is driven by delivering better buyer experience through sales enablement platforms, and ensure close alignment between marketing and sales. We guide our clients to execute the right content at the right time to the right customer.

While Showpad provides the technological platform; Minds&More trains commercial teams and help the change management. We ensure the company gets the most out of the investment in this platform.

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