Charlotte Vermeulen

Digital marketing consultant


Charlotte is a quadrilingual marketing and communication professional with experience in event marketing, email marketing, SEO, video and web content editing as well as experience in communication related tasks within a B2B environment.

She is a digital native, who believes in the growth mindset, meaning that anyone can become an expert in a certain field as long as they work hard enough. By doing so, she keeps on growing and acquiring news skills in marketing & communication and she isn’t afraid of new challenges. Got a new challenge? She’s in for sure.


  • Bachelor degree in Applied Linguistics (EN-ES)
  • Master degree in Multilingual Communication (EN-ES)
  • Master degree in Management


EMEA channel marketing coordinator @BARCO


Inbound marketing certified


Google analytics certificate

Park Hill
Jan Emiel Mommaertslaan 16B box 3,
1831 - Diegem - Belgium

Aedimar Business Center
Kalkhoevestraat 10 box 4.2
8790 - Waregem - Belgium

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