Due to the two key growing trends of the informed buyer and B2B e-commerce, sales has radically changed and needs to be quickly transformed.


Transactional selling is eroding.

Some claim that relationships no longer matter in the digital world we are living in.

Forrester predicts that despite a growing economy, research indicates that there will be over 1 million less B2B sales reps employed in 2020 compared to today.

At the recent Forrester’s Sales Enablement Forum, a study by Andy Hoar, Principal Analyst at Forrester, was revealed showcasing this 24% expected decline over the next five years.

The question is what is transactional selling?

Forrester describes different types of sales people, depending on:

  • The buyers complexity for buying dynamics
  • The complexity of the products services they buy

The key to be aware of is that complexity is always related by the perception of the buyer in a specific context.

The types to be affected will be the:

  • Order takers – Simple product, non-complex buying dynamic. Transactional B2B sales reps
  • Explainers – Complex product, simple buying dynamic.

Buyers being able to find this relevant content online or through inside sales reps will buy more effectively.

The sales professionals that organisations will hire and keep will need to embrace technology, be social in their selling and passionate of delivering outcomes for their customers.

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