The social media content strategy in the delight phase

Coralie Gak

Coralie Gak

Digital Marketing Consultant

This is it. The last piece of our three articles about your content strategy based on each flywheel phase. After the attract phase, and the engagement phase, you should now have more leads and customers. They experienced your products/services. But are they convinced, and more than everything: happy? Do they expose their trust in your company?

If you read those lines, it’s probably because your answer is NO. Then, how could you possibly fix that?  In this article, I’ll give you some channel and content tactics to improve this phase of Delight. I’ll also highlight important metrics and KPI’s to focus on to help you to measure your successfulness.

Emotional and positive customer experience

When we talk about customer delight, it’s important to try to put yourself on customer’s shoes. And a lot of people think that delight, is only about providing what you promised. To be very clear, it’s not.

It is surprising a customer by exceeding his or her expectations and creating a positive emotional reaction. This emotional reaction leads to word of mouth. Customer delight helps you to increase your sales and profitability as it helps to distinguish your company and its products and services from the competition. Suddenly, you become so unique, and different that people advertise you by themselves.

Nonetheless,  don’t understand me wrong. The basics stay. Delivering what you claim to be able to deliver is very important. This is what we call a “promise”. Unfortunately, customers have mostly bad experiences to tell about a service/product than good ones. In that case, you lose them because your first promise is even not respected.


The goal of customer delight

If you got the idea behind “Customers who are advertising you by themselves”, it’s already a very good start.

When you think of implementing customer delight, there are 3 objectives:

1° Turn your clients into loyal customers.

The benefits for you: Did you know that investing in finding new clients cost you 6 to 7 times more time and money than Reinvesting in current ones? In this logic, giving more efforts to improve your retention rate is therefore, commercially more intelligent.

2° Have customers that are more profitable.

The benefits for you: Average delighted customers spend more with less hassle.

3° Have a positive (e-)reputation.

The benefits for you: In a world of informed customers, 92% of customers consider word of mouth as the most reliable source of information. Plus, when people trust you, they share their satisfaction of your product. That means valuable user generated content and so, natural influencers/ambassadors with their own network.


Customer centric mindset

In order to consistently deliver Customer Delight at all customer touch points throughout the company, a customer-centric corporate culture is key. With this corporate culture everything and everyone are aligned. They share the same set of values, attitudes and image. An absolutely necessary step is linking Customer Delight behavior to the core values of the brand. Core values are operating principles that guide an organization’s internal conduct as well as its relationship with customers, partners and shareholders. Once core values are clearly outlined it is critical to incorporate them into every process, from hiring, to employee appraisals and decision making.

Tactics to boost customers delight

There are some levers that allow you to initiate and boost the customers delight.

First of all, the channels and the content that you are going to use is very important. At this stage, it’s crucial to have very specific and personalized content. It’s also at this moment that you can plan lead nurturing tactics. Or go crazy with automated campaigns.

Some interesting channels with their tactics:

 Secondly, what you must remember here it’s that people want to feel that you know them. And that you understand them. Satisfy your customers, when they already gave you the honor to make a purchase, it’s keep on providing them the content they need. The messages with the offer that suit them perfectly. Based on their e-behavior, based on their ages, visited websites, interests, last purchases…

Customer delight in metrics

The happiness of your customers is not the easiest metric to find. Neither the most used one. It’s typically not in the #1 objectives to track for the company. Nonetheless, it’s worth it, and it’s probably the best investment you could do for the future. Therefore, I’ve listed for you some interesting methods to track the customers satisfaction.

You are free to use one or multiple methods. You can also easily combine them and create a quarterly report with a detailed dashboard.

Need help to become more customer centric?

Would you need an expert to develop your digital marketing strategy through each stage of the flywheel and report on ROI? 

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