Sales Management and Agile Sales For Higher Performance

Using proven methods: Cracking Sales Management Code and Agile Sales

Our partnership with VantagePoint over the past five years brings ground-breaking, research-based training and development to companies that believe better sales performance comes from better sales management.. Contact us to discover how the new Agile Sales solutions can improve your sales performance.

Consultants help you to boost your growth and create marketing impact.

Minds&More offers sales management consultancy, training, and coaching based on the foundational VantagePoint programs: The Sales Management Code®, Strategic Pipeline Management®, Pipeline Coaching®, and Front-Line Forecasting®, Agile Sales solutions

Our Minds&More team is certified on the VantagePoint methodologies and we cover Belgium, France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and international assignments.

VantagePoint research helped to develop specific methods that improve sales and sales coaching. They showed that sales improvement methods were outdated and were designed to solve problems that were no longer relevant.  We are committed to identifying and validating innovative ways to solve today’s selling challenges and help sales leaders get the best performance out of their people.

At Minds&More, we believe the VantagePoint is unique because it offers a different vision of the sales manager’s role as well as help sales person adapt to specific buyer situation (Agile Sales).

The Sales Management Code training helps sales managers drive the relevant sales behaviours of their teams and deliver better sales performance.

The Agile sales method trainings helps the sales person to apply the relevant sales strategy and approach per the buying situation faced by the sales person.

To quote VantagePoint In other words, the best sales people are AGILE. They use up to four different sales strategies, effortlessly shifting to the right approach for each buyer and each buying situation. In contrast, lower-performing sales teams primarily rely on just one approach. The one they were trained to use!

The VantagePoint Agile Sales & Coaching Platform equips your entire sales force to sell like your high performers. Benefits include:

12%Increase in Revenue Performance
Increased Win Rate When Trained for Agile
Increase In Performance Coaching to Activities

 Source: VantagePoint 2019

Company-specific Actionable Diagnostic & Insight

We uncover the 4-5 unique sales situations your reps face, then dive deep to understand what your top salespeople do to win in each situation.

Detailed Plays Tailored to Your Organization
Armed with an understanding of what it takes to win, we transform insight into pragmatic steps, codified in a real-time, mobile playbook reps can use to identify which buying situation they are facing – and which sales approach will most likely lead to success.

Situational Training
VantagePoint helps your team practice selling against the situations they will face so they can apply each strategy with confidence – and we teach your leaders how to coach their teams to improved performance using an agile approach.

How we work with Vantage Point Performance

We focus exclusively on sales management

For most sales improvement companies, sales managers are an afterthought. At Vantage Point, they are the center of all we do. Stated simply, we are the leading global experts at developing sales managers.

We create measurable ROI

You invest in training for one reason only: to boost sales results. By implementing easily executable sales management processes, we enable healthier pipelines, higher win rates, and better sales performance.

We do our research

Our training programs are not based on anecdotal experiences — they are built on the latest best practices uncovered in our research. Our clients are looking for credible thought-leadership, and we are able to provide it.

We are world-class trainers

If you agree that management is a force multiplier in the sales force, then we need to talk. As judged by our clients, we offer the most unique, innovative, and impactful sales management training available.

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