What Is ‘Low Touch’


Why You Should Care

The Covid-19 pandemic has a tremendous impact on our economy. We now live in a ‘low touch’ era with very little face-to-face contacts. This provokes a profound change in customer behaviour. To be able to survive, adapt and – even better – reach a high business impact, companies need to revisit their marketing, sales and digital approach.

The term ‘Low Touch Economy’ refers to the way businesses now have to operate differently due to Covid-19. The impact of this new way of working will go far beyond just a new way of shaking hands. It will have a far-reaching influence on consumers and industries, both in the short and long run.

Until there is a vaccine or herd immunity, the base case scenario is a continuous up and down of disruptions in how we work and live for the coming 2 years, resulting in new habits long after.

Financial Times – Imperial Coronavirus Report

This disruption will have a profound impact on how we work, shop, socialize and spend our free time. We will be confronted with shifts in customer behavior, in our ways of communicating and in supply chain operations. Furthermore, changes that were rolled out gradually now have gained tremendous speed. In other words: the new way of living in this low touch era challenges traditional businesses.

Time to be make a bold move

Like it or not, the Low Touch economy is here to stay. It offers major business challenges but also unseen opportunities for business leaders, marketing and sales to make move boldly forward and create a high business impact. Existing strategies and processes are wide open to be turned around and it will be the fast and decisive movers that will conquer in this new low touch era.

Achieve your high business impact

Minds&More wants to help. Not with trendy buzzwords and short-term solutions, but with a serie of webinars that offer deep insights and practical solutions to allow you to adapt.

And some real-life cases from A brands to inspire you to fully embrace the unseen opportunities for business leaders, marketing & sales to achieve high business impact in a low touch era.

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