6 ways Customer Experience helps you better identify and solve customer problems

Stéphane Beauduin

Stéphane Beauduin

Partner at Minds&More

30 April 2019

Customer Experience, as described in our previous post, has a much bigger impact than often assumed. 

The reason why I find is that we, as CE professionals, are not doing a good enough job at explaining WHAT structural change Customer Experience is bringing in the organization in two area’s.

Let’s first have a look at those 2 areas and focus on the first one.

The two key reasons why Customer Experience is so impactful:

  1. Customer Experience changes the lens to help your organization identify and solve different type of customer problems.
  2. Customer Experience helps your organization build unique organizational capabilities and thus get better and better results over time.

This blog will focus on the 1st area. The 2nd will be discussed next week. 

Recognize and deal with different type of customer problems

Shift from “issues” (inside out) to “pain points” (outside in) : this is the hardest challenge I face with our clients. How do you break the existing employee lens that sees the whole world “inside out” through his department and his role. How do you bring him to start looking at the pain points from the customer’s perspective. That’s why spending sufficient time to focus on the persona’s is so important to be able to put the “customer hat” on.

Identify different types of pain points (often more higher level that require “solutions”) : quite a challenge as well as it requires the marketing ability to conceptualize. To take an example, in workshop customer have a real problem to understand that if you are in the hammer business it is really important to identify if the pain points you are solving are related to putting a nail in the wall or rather related to helping to put up a frame with limited damage to the wall and nicely aligned. This last pain point requires a much broader solution than just a hammer.

Broaden the  areas of pain points across the total customer experience stage : companies tend to focus a lot of their energy on the phase of “buy” (by sales) and “use” (by customer service). The customer journey methodology forces you to zoom in on all the 8 stages of the journey.

Leverage cross-functional teams find different pain points : doing customer journey exercises with just one or two departments truly limits the impact. In our experience, every time we broaden the group to be more multi-functional we find the power of different perspectives which leads to the discovery of different customer pain points.

Cross functional teams find different and better solutions : on the same token the power of different perspectives leads to more creative and pragmatic solutions in the brain storming sessions.

Synchronize solutions provided in the same journey so different solutions are often inter-dependent in one journey:  this is often the biggest aha moment with our clients, i.e that when mapping a journey of a persona’ we find a series of pain points throughout the journey that are actually all interdependent. It is not surprising then than the solutions for solving these different pain points are also very inter dependent.

solve customers problem

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