Why should you start creating interactive videos?

Digital Marketing Consultant

A content marketing without videos? No way!

Nowadays, content marketing is getting more and more competitive. You might have struggled with how to reach your audiences and produce content that engages and converts. But you know what? By producing interactive videos, you can create a lot of opportunities. Let me explain myself.

First, what is interactive video?

Interactive video allows viewers to click on your video. It enables them to take the story where they want it to go, and to get information they are looking for. An interactive video incorporates a wide variety of interactive elements directly into the video itself, including click options, hotspots, quizzes, surveys, ROI calculations, data inputs and more. See an example here below:


Why does it work so well?

Consequently, it offers you many possibilities, such as personalizing your content for different audiences, capturing relevant data about your prospects, generating and qualifying more leads, profiling your purchase process, and many more.

Higher engagement: 70% of marketers say interactive video engages “well or very well”. This is the best way to find and engage your audience. They will feel like they play a crucial role in your brand’s story.

🎮 Entertainment: choosing the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ click button is an enjoyable experience for the viewers. Your content will be more memorable for them.

💬 Personalization: interactivity gives your audiences information they care about. Actively answering questions or participating in interactive content guides prospects to personalized results in real time that address their specific problems, challenges, or ideas.

💥 Popularity: this two-way conversation is currently very popular. 68% of marketers believe interactive video will become “more or much more important” in the future.

🔎 Trackability: it enables powerful video metric tracking. You can now track clicks within a video, analyse different paths taken with branching, collect data with video form fields, and much more.


So, what are you waiting for? Start now creating powerful interactive videos or ask one of our digital professionals to do it! 

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