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Minds&More is a unique professional services firm with over 60 sales and marketing professionals driven by creating positive impact, passion for marketing and sales, building capabilities and improving commercial performance. We are the preferred partner for your business growth through flexible services (interim, advisory, training) in sales, marketing and transformation excellence.

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We Mind Your Business

Minds&More was founded in 2010 in Diegem by ambitious business leaders from various industry sectors with the mission to enable business growth and collaborate with companies in a very pragmatic and qualitative way.

Based on our longstanding experience in marketing & sales consulting and interim/project management, we set the goal of becoming the gold standard in value-creating marketing, sales and transformation services & solutions:

– by advising clients on specific topics  (e.g. design effective marketing and sales plan for growth, demand generation strategies, leverage social media, launch new products, to build new sales / distribution channels, to re-brand their activities, etc.).

– by providing sales & marketing interim and project professionals to all kind of companies (large companies as well as SME’s in B2B and B2C sectors across Belgium and even beyond) to fill a gap in the organization.

– by providing certified trainers and coaches in marketing and sales to build your organization’s capabilities

Email info@mindsandmore.biz for specific references in your market!

The name of Minds&More comes from the fact that we build a unique business model around a group of ‘smart minds’, but also do so much more for both the customers as well as our Associates.

We give advice and work with our clients to implement well. We are not just Minds with a lot of experience but we really want to “mind your business” and create extraordinary results. We don’t just give advice, we really do the work!

We currently operate with a team of 7 partners, 4 office staff & talent management and more than 60 Associates. Together we have served 100+ clients across 200+ projects over the past year.


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Minds&More values

Everyone in our team shares our common values:

  • Accountability: We are committed to the success of others, liable for our actions and for our results.
  • Integrity: We are respectful, honest and behave in a transparent way.
  • Participation: We include people, work in teams, help others and share our expertise.
  • Pragmatism: We don’t waste time on what is irrelevant.
  • Quality: We apply the highest standards possible in everything we do.