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Minds&More is a unique professional services firm with pragmatic and deep expertise in salesmarketing, and transformation. Our team of 100 associates is the preferred partner for your business growth through flexible services (interim marketing, advisory services, training to build commercial performance).

Consultants help you to boost your growth and create marketing impact.


Launch Minds&More

Minds&More is founded in 2010 in Diegem by three experienced partners. Our mission is to create an ecosystem of experts in marketing, sales and transformation. The goal is to enable business growth for companies and to collaborate with those in a very pragmatic and qualitative way.



Growth of Interim marketing projects

Over 30 seasoned professionals realizing approximately 50 interim marketing projects (Telco, logistics, energy, ICT, services). Formalisation of our advisory and training services to boost the commercial performance and build capabilities of our clients in marketing and sales.



More projects, partners and events

Minds&More realizing over 100 interim marketing projects. Additional partners joining the leadership team. Executed monthly mingle events on key marketing and sales topics relevant to our customers. Executed the fifth annual marketing and sales performance summit. Our sales revenues tripled over past 3 years.


Digital Marketing Community foundation

In addition to our team of 60+ associates, we added a dedicated Digital Marketing & Communications team of young digital natives. They work side by side with our clients on operational digital marketing needs.



10 years of Minds&More

Over 100 associates working on 60+ client projects each month – interim, digital, consulting and training.


Platinum partner of HubSpot

Minds&More reaches status of certified Platinum partner of HubSpot. Implementing marketing, sales and service hubs. Deploying inbound marketing and helping clients to improve their digital interactions in this ‘low touch’ environment due to Covid-19.


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