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Let’s make your team outperform itself. Sharpening existing skills or learning new ones? Our experts provide tailored trainings & seminars.

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What we're
pretty good at

Create progress within your company

Does your business hit internal limits? We help your sales & marketing team surpass them, so they can successfully face challenges and seize new opportunities.

Share valuable insights

We keep a close watch on our ever-changing industry. We know exactly which advice is useful, and which PowerPoint-wisdom we can leave to the self-proclaimed gurus

Which skills would
you like to learn?

Channel & distribution marketing

We explain platform types, potential partners, best practices, and assessment models from A to Z, and share expert tips along the way.

Social Selling Training

Getting close to consumers helps you stand out as a brand. We’ll show you how to reach the online top, boost consumer conversations & generate leads.

Sales management & performance

You care for your business, and so do we. That’s why we help sales managers & business leaders improve their knowledge to steer teams towards business goals.

Value-based pricing & selling

Wondering what consumers are willing to pay for your product or service? We’ll guide you through the process, taking in customer personas, Decision Making Units, differentiation & more.

Funnel management & planning

We help you create a strong funnel plan, and we share tactics on how to oversee your customer journey. The goal? Happy customers, as always.

Sales enablement

We’ll show you how to recognise a golden opportunity when it comes knocking at your door. Small hint: the key is listening well.